University Professors, Researchers, and Scientists

• Extraordinary ability achievers who are eligible to self-petition

Employment Green Cards and Visas

• Interesting H1B Visas and Transfers

• Permanent Residence

• Family derivatives

Polo Players

Marriage Green Cards

• Standard Marriages and Filings

• Complex or unique circumstances

• Overstays

• Criminal histories.

H1B Category Fashion Models

Practice Areas

Immigration Attorneys

​Chaudhary Law Office PLLC

Deportation Defense

Violence Against Women Act Applications

Canada Border Denials

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Complex Immigration Entanglement Consultations:  

• Job transfers during pending card applications

• Criminal charges that cause deportation

• Divorce that cancels status

• Career moves that affect current status

• Expert Witness Appearances​

Sports Visas

• Baseball     • Basketball

• Hockey        • Polo

• Chess           • Any sport

Complex Criminal Defense, Trial Litigation

• Post-conviction withdrawal of guilty pleas

• Complete jury trial defense of criminal charges from bail, to pre-trial motions, creative plea negotiations, witness cross, deposition, investigation, dismissals, penalty phase, and appeals court writing and arguments.