Proactive Immigration Consultations

Don't Let Your Past Impact Your Job Future

Complex immigration entanglements sometimes arise because individuals did not take the time to consult with an immigration attorney. Don't assume that USCIS will automatically approve your application to renew your immigration status. There are many factors that might result in delays, site visits or even denials.

Explore All Your Options Before Making A Lifestyle Or Business Decision

If you are seeking a renewal, officials will review whether you maintained eligibility throughout the time you held a visa. If you have been charged with a crime, USCIS may also initiate removal proceedings against you. Yet even lifestyle or occupational changes may result in problems that impact your immigration status. If you are an immigrant, it is a good idea to explore the legalities of your plans before making a final decision. Your proactive approach will likely save you time and trouble later on. The list of potentially complicating life events includes:

  • Job transfers during pending card applications
  • Criminal charges that cause deportation
  • Divorce that cancels status
  • Career moves that affect current status
  • Expert witness appearances
  • U.S. citizens seeking entry into Canada

As someone who has family ties to immigration, I am committed to educating and nurturing my clients who are new to the United States. I provide comprehensive legal counsel, considering all aspects of your unique situation. You will discover that the process is more than just completing a packet of forms. My consultations provide the technical and practical advice to plan your future.

Take Charge Of Your Future And Contact An Experienced Immigration Attorney

Regardless of where you are located, the Chaudhary Law Office, PLLC, can provide comprehensive answers to your questions about federal immigration laws. A proactive approach today may spare you from a visit from federal immigration authorities tomorrow. To schedule a consultation, contact my firm online or call 612-206-3721.